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The list of Realms released so far. If you want to see realms in development - please visit our Patreon page. 



The list of Heroes appeared in the Universe.  If you want to see heroes in development - please visit our Patreon page. 

Items and Events


The list of known Artifacts and Events affecting minions to transform them into Heroes.

The Forged Universe Highlights

Glossary of teh Forged Universe. Worldbuilding ideas, Arts, Fantasy.

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«In the beginning, there was only nothingness, complete silence. Then came The Masters. They forged a device, "The Machine" – the very first Creation. Finally, at the moment of the first noise of the Machine, Universe 0.1 was born. It was a new reality, a dimension of a different kind. A mind of a minion cannot understand it... »
Almanac. Initial entry.


Use our materials in your own creations

Browse our rpg stock art content and discover how you can use our locations, heroes and lore in your own fantasy worldbuilding. System neutral content can be used for dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, fate core and many other tabletop rpg systems.


Develop your own content to extend the Universe

This site is the place any creative person can use to build their own worlds and planes of existence. It can be based on any setting/system as long as it follows a simple set of rules. 


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