Glossary of The Forged Universe


The Masters / Nameless Ones / Watchers

Nobody knows where they came from. Or when did they start to exist. It seems that they have lived forever, and time means nothing to these beings. They are the creators, the players, and the only experts in the game of fate.  Masters believe that they are the creators of the Universe, and perhaps it may be correct. Almost none are aware of the fact that their existence is present in multiple planes.  


The Forging Machine

The device that created the Universe. Powerful and restless. Masters believe that they created the Machine, which in turn led them to believe that they are the creators of the universe. 



Special space/room inside the machine where the Masters Play various games using special devices such as Universal Screens, Cup of Fate and Dices. The Masters’ minions are often used as pawns during these games. 



This Epic Thome consists of 2 main parts 

1. Set of instructions and rules on how to use The Machine and Playgrounds 

2. System log of the events that happens within the Universe. 



Multiple worlds and realities created in the Universe by the Machine. Many of these were created by the Masters for their games, but were forgotten. These abandoned and forgotten worlds are where the minions are living. Some planes are still active Game Worlds with Characters and Monsters. 

Minions and Characters


Any creature inside the universe leaving on different planes, except for the Masters themselves. 

Characters and Monsters - Minions selected by the Masters for their Playground Game. 



The essential connection between Playground devices and the Minions. This connection is what forces the minions to do certain actions and make them follow the rules of the GAME as a proper Character or Monster would do.  



 Masters call them as Bugs or System Failures. These Characters fail to follow the orders of the Masters in the game. Some speculates that these characters can avoid the influence of the Psychofields. The Masters, however, are adamant that these are pure nonsense! 



An item, location, or event that can cause misbehavior with the Characters leading to bugs. Believed to be mentioned in the Errata and fixed in the next Universe Patch


Urtanu - Support Team

A mysterious race who calls themselves as Urtanu. Masters call them in the cases of finding Bugs and/or Backdoors. Their duty is to fix it. They are also the ones who tests the Universe patches installed by the Machine. 

The Urtanu is a very religious race with the ability to interstellar and interplanar travel. Masters contact them by adding holy tickets into The Machine. The priests of Urtanu translates and relays the content of these tickets to the rest of the race as direct orders from the gods of the Universe. The Masters believe that the Urtanu are just "selected" minions, however, nobody knows their true identity.